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14 Feb 2023 Alžběta Dvořáková GACR

Czech science foundation (GACR) have announced calls for submitting of following project proposals:

  • Standard grant projects - from all scientific fields of basic research, intended for applicants in all phases of their scientific career without age restrictions.
  • Bilateral grant projects - aimed at supporting international cooperation in basic research. Public tender is open in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) and São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).
  • LA projects - GAČR as a lead agency - within initiative Weave in cooperation with Austrian Science Fund (FWF—Austria), German Research Foundation (DFG—Germany), Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS—Slovenia) and National Research Fund (FNR—Luxembourg). The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF-Switzerland) and the Croatian Science Foundation (HRRZ-Croatia) are also expected to be announced.
  • LA projects - GAČR as partner organization - within initiative Weave according to terms of foreign agencies published in our news.
  • JUNIOR STAR projects aim to support excellent basic research and provide early career researchers with an opportunity to achieve scientific independence and build their own research group with several collaborators and modern equipment. The applicant must meet the condition that no more than 8 years have elapsed since obtaining a Ph.D. or its equivalent and must have significant international experience (such as obtaining a Ph.D. abroad, short-term repeated research stays, or other).
  • POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP (OUT) - the objective is to make it possible for Czech scientists in their early careers to pursue their own scientific aim involving a long-term fellowship abroad, followed by the completion of the project at a Czech institution.
  • Projekty POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP (IN) - the objective is to motivate outstanding scientists with long-term international experience in their early careers to undertake their own, high-quality scientific project at an institution in the Czech Republic.

Project proposals are prepared in application GRIS. You have to add in GRIS proposal as user R&D assistant - username here. You have to create a new proposal in ISEP - Project proposal editor. The project proposal record must be approved before your project proposal will be sent via databox to GACR.

The meeting at FF MU on the announced calls will take place online in MS Teams:

Link to arrange a consultation with Ing. Dvořáková:

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GACR tender documentation:

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Important deadlines

Deadline Description
21Feb2023 10:00 Meeting on the announced calls - FF MU
6Mar2023 18:00 Submission of the proposal for approval by the Research Ethics Committee
20Mar2023 Personel cost checking by Personnel Office
20Mar2023 Submission of proposals in ISEP no later than
23Mar2023 Proposals draft to R&D and Financial office
1Apr2023 Submitting of finalized proposals to R&D
4Apr2023 Deadline GAČR
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