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The Johannes Amos Comenius Programme (P JAC) is being prepared for the programming period 2021 – 2027 and builds on the earlier Operational Programme Research, Development and Education (OP RDE). The final form of the P JAC and other operational programmes is currently part of negotiations with the European Commission.

The aim of the P JAC is to support the development of an open and educated society based on knowledge and skills, equal opportunities and developing the potential of each individual, which will lead to the growth of the competitiveness of the Czech Republic and the improvement of living conditions of its inhabitants. The planned allocation of P JAC funds for the programming period 2021 – 2027 is approx. CZK 90 billion.

Proposed areas of support:


The prioritis aim should be the development of excellent capacities (both in the field of infrastructure and human resources, including the increase of the ability to better use the potential of qualified women), deepening the knowledge potential of entities in the Czech Republic, focusing on current and future societal challenges and the ability to build a basis for the future applicability of R&D results in practice that will serve everyone without distinction. 

The primary interventions of the P JAC will include:

  • strengthening strategic smart and R&D&I policy management competencies and supporting innovation ecosystems at the national and regional level,
  • strengthening the internationalization and development of the institutional environment of research organizations, supporting excellent research teams,
  • strengthening the cooperation between research organizations and the application sphere, strengthening the applicability of R&D&I results and strengthening the orientation of research in research organizations towards areas with a high potential for applicability in practice,
  • strengthening the key infrastructure needed for excellent research.


The objective of education in the next decade should be an individual equipped with basic knowledge and skills who can make the most of his/her potential in a dynamically changing world for the benefit not only of his/her own development, but for the benefit of the development of society.

The primary interventions of the P JAC will include:

  • modernizing the objectives and content of education, including forms and methods of learning at all levels of the education system (i.e. from pre-school to tertiary and further education),
  • making the teaching profession more attractive through improving the quality of pregraduate education and supporting teachers at the beginning of their career and their further education and professional development,
  • ensuring just access to quality education and reducing segregation, inequalities and the risk of excluding vulnerable groups from education.

The specific targeting of project activities will be precisely defined in individual calls. The first calls are expected during 2022.

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Call schedule

The call schedule has not yet been approved. The draft call schedule for 2022 can be found here.

The current calls relevant for FF MU will be published in the News tab.


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