Call - Career restart 2023

Internal deadlines will be published in the next few days.

6 Sep 2022 Alžběta Dvořáková GAMU

The aim of the programme CAREER RESTART is to create support for integration of researchers after a career break, for instance, due to parental leave, into Masaryk University research teams. The programme shall facilitate and speed up the return of young talented researchers to the productive academic career and increase their share in independent / leading research posts.

Basic information:

  • Allocation: CZK 5 million / year
  • Expected number of grants awarded: 10
  • Annual budget: CZK 500 thousand
  • Duration of funding: 2 years
  • Primarily one whose last employer before career interruption was MU and whose cumulative time at MU was at least 0.5 FTE (Ph.D. studies are equivatelnt 0.6 FTE);
  • Proof of completed Ph.D. studies;
  • He/she is the author (first, corresponding, or otherwise significant - depending on the specifics of the field) of at least one scientific publication indexed in a journal belonging to the first quartile of the field according to the impact factor in Web of Science or comparable scientific performance in fields whose domain is not Web of Science-indexed publishing.
  • He/she has a minimum of 0.5 FTE when returning to MU after a career break (the subsidy does not cover salary, it is a form of supplement)
  • Return to work after 15 October 2021

The project proposal will be submitted in ISEP Project proposal editor -it is necessary to choose the template "Grant agency of MU: CAREER RESTART project (01. 09. - 15. 10.)". The proposal form in pdf format including all attachments must be uploaded to ISEP under one reference number - no later than the closing date of the competition.

Documents (machine readable pdf files):

  • Statement of the head of the unit where the project will be implemented concerning the inclusion of the applicant into the team, his/her potential for the development of the unit and for his/her own career development


Important deadlines

Deadline Description
6Oct2022 Personel cost checking by Personel Office
11Oct2022 Proposals draft to Financial Office and R&D
15Oct2022 Deadline
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