I´m Lukas, 22 years old and I come from a very small village in the east of Slovakia. Since I study Norwegian language and the humanities are very close to me, obviously I didn´t hesitate when joining the project. Recently, I´ve got the impression that the discussions about the Holocaust and World War II in general are slowly fading away from the consciousness of my peers, and that´s exactly why I decided to bring up this little piece of history – case study of Leo Eitinger, which is not very well known in Slovakia.

 Leo Eitinger, a Norwegian psychiatrist, author and educator, devoted his life studying long term posttraumatic effects among Holocaust survivors. Born in Lomnice, Moravia, having studied at Masaryk University and at the same time being Holocaust survivor himself, presents a very good case study for this particular project. What were the outcomes of his restless research? How did holocaust shaped him and his personality? How come he was able to overcome it and distant himself from his patients? How did he cope with the trauma? These are just some small pieces which I’d like to put together in my case study.

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