On Monday, May 23, the Academic Senate will meet

23 May 2022

Program of the AS FF meeting on 23 May 2022 at 4 PM

Venue: Dean's Meeting Room

Excused: Václav Štěpánek, Jiří Macháček, Roman Novotný

1. Update of the long-term strategic goals of the Faculty for 2022

The proposal will be presented by the Dean.


Vote and resolution

2. FF MU budget

The FF management and the Bursar present the complete faculty budget by department and the methodology for allocating funds to departments.

The budget will be justified by FF MU Dean I. Radová, FF MU Bursar I. Jurtík, and the chairman of the AS FF MU Economic Committee D. Zbíral.


Vote and resolution

3. Discussion of the application for accreditation of a new Bachelor's degree program in Design of Information Services

Petr Škyřík, Head of the Department of Information and Library Studies, will present the application.


Vote and resolution

4. Draft MU Faculty of Information and Library Science Annual Report 2021

The proposal will be justified by Assoc. Horáková, editor.


Voting and Resolution

5. Modifications to the HR Award application

Sylvie Rampouchová, Program Coordinator, and L. Spurný, Vice-Dean, will present the modifications.


Resolution and vote

6. Additions to the AS FF MU Science Committee

David Zbíral, the proposer of the motion, will introduce the proposals.



7. Report of the ad hoc committee on the case of Mgr. Horský

The final report will be presented by the chairman of the ad hoc committee, Dr. Stanislav Bárta.

Discussion and possible draft resolution

8. Information of MU AS members on the discussion of the MU FF AS position on the reduction of funds from the PPSŘ or IRP for the Support of Internationalization by the MU Rector's Office at the MU AS meeting

9. Miscellaneous


In Brno, 14 May 2022

doc. PhDr. Václav Štěpánek, Ph.D.
Chairman of the AS FF MU

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