Curating Online (Brno Art Week 2021)

The current pandemic situation forces us to think more intensively about the presentation and distribution of art into new, not yet fully explored spheres of the virtual, networked environment. Within this context of changes in art production, distribution and display, we aim to contemplate transformations in the role of a curator having to think about the presentation of art (exclusively) in online spaces on the one hand, and on the other hand, the attributes and assumptions that characterize the virtual mediation of art. To what extent is such an exhibition format different from a traditional gallery exhibition? How are the established curatorial principles and methods applied in the virtual space? What are the specifics of communication towards visitors-viewers of a festival or exhibition happening in a virtual space? We enter the second year of the COVID-19 global pandemic, during which museums and galleries but also media art festivals had to rethink their approaches and well-established systems for mediating art largely. The symposium aims to confront and evaluate the various mediating art and culture strategies that cultural institutions have used, rejected or uttered in this special regime as possible scenarios for the new age.

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