Speaking Digital: On Digital Culture and Methodologies

Are we still spoken by language, or are we spoken by digital (programming language code)? In 1986 Friedrich Kittler argued that the code of programming languages ​​is programming us as the main significant of presence. Is it possible to agree with this statement in 2021, or on the contrary - are people the ones who confidently take on the right to signify? The possibilities of existence and importance of contemporary digital culture in different contexts of human and non-human agencies will be addressed in the historically first conference organised by the newly established study programme Digital Culture and Creative Industries at MUNI ARTS.

Keynotes will outline the current and future possibilities of discussion in the field of interdisciplinary reflection in the current post-digital paradigm. The keynote presentations will take place on June 28 and focus on various areas of digital culture and its methodologies.

  • 9:45 introduction by Jana Horáková
  • 10:00 Michal Kindernay – Trajectories
  • 10:40 Ingeborg Reichle – TBA
  • 11:20 Elisa Giaccardi – Autonomous Technologies and the Challenges of Probabilistic Design
  • 12:00 Erkki Huhtamo – Media Archaeology as Topos Study

On June 29 the presentation of PhD research proposals will start at 9.00. PhD students: Svatava Doubková, Júlia Chodúrová Bútorová, Filip Johánek, Ivan Koutný, Roman Novotný, Luisa Pavlíková, Veronika Sellner, Duňa Slavik, Zdeněk Záhora

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