The Horizons of theatrology

Russian new drama - between idealism and pragmatism

At the end of the 20th century, the accented phenomenon of In-yer-face theater emerged in Great Britain, at the beginning of the millennium it became part of the strategy of cultural exports and spread almost all over Europe. At the same time, however, another phenomenon, a new drama (новая драма), is emerging in Russia, gradually recovering from a turbulent socio-political transformation. Originally a journalistic label, which took on different meanings and definitions, today it primarily marks a significant wave of Russian-language drama, which, together with new authors, also brought with it a revision of themes, genres, and finally the form of theater. The lecture will introduce the causes of the emergence of Russian new drama, domestic tradition and foreign influences from which it grows, its possible typology, respectively the prevailing schemes in Russian theatrology and, of course, several key representatives.

Mgr. Marcela Magdová, Ph.D. she studied theater science and history at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University and doctoral studies at the Prague DAMU. She deals with Russian theater and drama, she has translated several contemporary plays from Russian. She works at the Department of German and Slavic Studies of the University of West Bohemia, at the College of Acting, externally at the Department of Theory and Criticism at DAMU. She is also involved in theater journalism and criticism.

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