Wenceslas II -the rise and decline of the Premyslide dynasty between 1278 and 1306

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1/2004 - 12/2006
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Arts
Wenceslas II., Premyslide dynasty, kingdom

The objective of the submitted project is to give a comprehensive view of the reign of Wenceslas II and his son Wenceslas III in the Czech kingdom, Poland and Hungary, and of the relation between the royal power and the different social actors of the time, i.e. the nobility, the church, the towns and the subjects. The project is also oriented to the depiction of the Czech royal court as a "workshop" producing and implementing bold political strategies. Special attention will be dedicated to the personality of the king and the royal court, especially its "absorption" and "emanation" capacity in the sphere of secular and spriritual culture. The project is a follow up to a three-year project "Wenceslas II and Czech Society between 1278 and 1306" (GA CR 404/01/1279) to be finalised in accordance with the approved project schedule by December 31,2003.


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