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Non-Democratic Political Systems in Post-Communist Area


This project doesn't include Faculty of Arts. It includes Faculty of Social Studies. Official project website can be found on
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1/2004 - 1/2006
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Social Studies
Non-Democratic Hybrid and Defect Systems; Post-Communist Area; Comparative Analysis

The aim of the project Non-Democratic Political Systems in Post-Communist Area is to work out and publish a monograph presenting a description and a typology suggestion of non-democratic regimes which has been newly formed in the area nowadays known as the post-communist area. The suggested monograph would be of a great use for the professionals, mainly for the social science specialists, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.Particularly, we will inquire into the examples of non-democratic and semi-democratic regimes in the four following areas: Eastern Europe [Belarus], Balkan [Albania, Serbia], Caucasus [Azerbaijan, Georgia] and Central Asia [Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan]. The attention is paid especially to the traditional concept "form of state". The studies of the political system include identification of the key systemic and structural features of new non-democratic models established after the fall of communism in late 1980s in so-called post-communist area. Working out of the project assumes [1] the description of the selected individual non-democratic regimes, [2] their comparison, and [3] the definition of the original theory of post-communist non-democratic systems. The theory will be formulated in terms of the classic theories and typology of modern political science. Social science research methods, especially the interconnection of the systemic and comparative methods, will be applied.


Total number of publications: 20

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