Small Schools with Composite Classes in the Czech Republic: Analysis of Current Situation and Further Development Potential

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1/2007 - 12/2009
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Arts
small schools with composite classes, management and development of small schools, educational policy

The Project will be focused on small schools with composite classes, which are specific institutions in primary education. The aim is to identify main conditions of their existence and look for potentials of their further development. Within small schools, we will pursue specific features of small school managing with connection to specific features of small school education. Furthermore, we will aim at external conditions, in particular legislation, economical conditions, demographic factors and local conditions. As for methodology, the Project will be built on the existing theoretical knowledge of the issue both in Czech and foreign resources. In pursuit of the research aim, we will analyze legislative documents and carry out social-demographic analysis of rural areas, where small schools are typical. As for empirical part of the project, the crucial point will be the questionnaire research aimed at directors of small schools and chairmen of parish councils. The data will be enriched with a thorough analysis of a concrete small school in a village (a case study). The project will contribute to the discussion about small schools, identify main conditions of their present existence and point out further development potentials. It will also highlight possible inspirations for the primary education mainstream.


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