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The Kosovo Question: Past, Present, Future

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1/2008 - 12/2010
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Arts
national identity, national myths, national unity, Islam and Christianity, interethnic tensions, teritorial integrity, resentiment nationalism, discrimination on ethnic grounds, international mediation

The aim of the project is to describe and analyse the complex of the interethnic, religious, socio-economic, cultural-political and international legal issues in Serbian-Albanian relationships referred to as the Kosovo Question in the form of a historical monography. The proposer is going to focus particularly on the latest development of the Kosovo Question: the last 40 years, with necessary discursions to the history of Serbian-Albanian relationships. The focal point of the project is going to be the analysis of the methods used by the political establishment of Slobodan Milošević in the struggle to limit and anull the Kosovo autonomy, then the analysis of the principles of the resistance of Kosovo Albanians in reaction to this constraint which culminated in the armed rebellion and the NATO intervention in 1999, as well as the summarization of the subsequent period of the international administration of Kosovo, which has not yet been systematically elaborated in the Czech historiography. In the conclusion the proposer is going to assess the future development of the region.


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