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Vnitřní vlastnosti RAD51 vlákna a jeho biologické regulace


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1/2017 - 12/2019
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Medicine

Homologous recombination is an essential mechanism for the repair of DNA double-strand breaks and damaged replication forks. HR is initiated by the formation of a RAD51 helical nucleoprotein filament on single stranded DNA, which is able to search for and invade homologous duplex DNA to form a joint molecule. Although, RAD51 is unable to work alone and is reliant on co-factors (BRCA2 and RAD51 paralogs,) to drive the HR reaction to completion a mechanistic understanding of how this is achieved is unclear. This proposal will bring together the unique expertise to investigate how the properties of the RAD51 nucleoprotein filament are modulated by HR co-factors. Through the integration of real-time kinetic measurements, microscale thermophoresis, single molecule and structural visualization studies, conformational dynamics, and validation in biological systems we will provide unprecedented insight into the mechanisms by which HR co-factors impact on the HR reaction and its relevance to development of cancer.


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