Littérature québécoise – littérature nationale ou communautaire? Quelles perspectives?

Title in English National or Communitarian Literature - the Case of Quebec Literature? What are the prospects?


Year of publication 2013
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Canadiana
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Faculty of Arts

Field Mass media, audiovision
Keywords Quebec literature; characters of a national literature; characters of a communitarian culture
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Description By their constitution and formation, the French-Canadian and Quebec cultures represent a kind of cultural laboratory that allows us to observe, within a relatively short space of time, the changes that European cultures knew through a more moderate pace: deperiphérisation, empowerment, constitution and repeated redefinition of the literary canon. But can we talk of a national literature in the case of Quebec? Isn't it rather a "communitarian" literature whose features are different from those of European national literatures, sparing solutions that ensure the vitality and Quebec specificity among literatures which are written in French? The theoretical support Gellner, Bouchard, Turner or Biron help to clarify this communitarian aspect and its transformations noticeable in several authors.