Abase yourself to convince others : Public Conversion Testimony of In-group and Out-group Converts



Year of publication 2013
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

Description Poster is based on ongoing ethnographic fieldwork among Protestant Christians. Research focuses on public conversion testimonies of converts - group members. Public conversion testimony is a set of relevant and causally connected autobiographical memories and personal facts embedded in the group conversion schema in the form of a narrative displayed by individual publicly before baptism. In a public conversion testimony one tries to convince himself and others, one is full-blown member of the group by ritual displaying of successful adoption of the group ideology through its utilization in individual autobiography and accomplish criteria for membership. Posters answers on questions such as: Do out-group converts try harder to convince the group members? Do out-group converts abase themselves more and achieve higher self-enhancement in return? or Do in-group converts have more specific personal memories in PCT than out-groups? and Do out-group converts place their conversion to group settings and events more than in-group converts?
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