Buddha a jeho zobrazování

Title in English Buddha and His Depicting


Year of publication 2013
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The text deals with the image of Buddha in the past and the present, in terms of capturing his characteristic features in Tibetan Buddhism, especially in Mongolia and Buryatia, Russia. The text begins with the diverse views of various Buddhas. It starts with alleged sculptural portrait of Buddha Shakyamuni, which allegedly originated during his life, ie. about two and a half thousand years ago and is known as the sandalwood Buddha. Then, the text focuses on another Buddha, the Buddha of the future, known as Maitreya. Just as there are many Buddhas, there are also a number of their depicting. The importance of religious depiction of the Buddha and other Buddhas is given by the meaning of the Buddha Shakyamuni and Maitreya for believers. This is the central figure of the present and future of this religious system and therefore their views are plentiful and varied.

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