Contributi all ´interpretazione di alcune tabellae defixionum

Title in English Contributions to the Interpretation of Some Curse Tablets


Year of publication 2013
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The Latin tabellae defixionum represent a special kind of epigraphic documents, the interpretation of which – as is well known – is often rather difficult. What complicates their understanding is the fact that the surviving texts are in many cases damaged or even fragmentary and contain many errors, depending on the education level of the writers who, in addition, used their imagination to produce their own variants and modifications of the current curse formulas. Therefore, it is necessary for the researcher to overcome the problems of text reconstruction caused by the lacunas, as well as the exegetic problems concerning the specific and often rather strange wishes of the cursing persons. Many of these texts found either at the beginning of the 19th century or recently, require a new general reinterpretation. This paper presents new proposals and revisions of several curse tablets.
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