Poznámky k užívání slovesného modu v nepřímých otázkách archaické latiny na základě excerpce z komedie Aulularia a Adelphoe. Porovnání výsledků u Plauta a Terentia.

Title in English Notes on the Use of Verbal Mood in the Indirect Questions in Old Latin on the basis of the Excerpts from Aulularia and Adelphoe. Comparison of Results for Plautus and Terence.


Year of publication 2013
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

Description The paper deals with the use of verbal mood in the indirect questions of Old Latin on the basis of the excerpts from Plautus' Aulularia and Terence's Adelphoe. It makes an effort to answer the question to what extent Stephens’ conception (1985) as to the distribution of the indirect questions into indicative and subjunctive classes is valid. The occurrences of indirect questions with indicative where the subjunctive is to be expected, and further the question, if any differences between Plautus and Terence can be found, are traced.
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