Das Žerotín’sche Mähren – ein „anderes Konzept“ des Majestätsbriefs.

Title in English Žerotin’s Moravia – Rudolf’s Letter of Majesty „Other Concept“

KNOZ Tomáš

Year of publication 2014
Type Chapter of a book
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The first sign of the crisis in the relations between Moravian and Bohemian estates occurred at the beginning of 17th century. A unique feature of the crises was the "other concept" of Rudolf's Letter of Majesty in about 1608. Its immediate cause could also be the diverse experience with the wars with Ottoman Turks, the long-lasting differences on the opinion on the political and religious freedom and the possibilities in the search for compromises in the Moravian estates' community, and also between the nobility and the monarch. The important fact is also the presence of the princely court in Prague and on the contrary the absence of the court in Moravia. In the time of Rudolf's Letter of Majesty publishing were the Bohemian estates loyal to the monarch and they forced him to release it. Moravia, led by Žerotín, used against him military force with the help of the authority of the Archduke Matthias of Habsburg, who was accepted as the head of the land. This act meant for the Moravian society religious freedom and sovereignty of the common law. The second effect of this act was the autonomy to Bohemia and to her conception of the superiority over the other crown lands.
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