Interkulturelle Kompetenzen bei der Dramaübersetzung. Zentrum-Peripherie-Probleme am Beispiel des Joual von Quebec

Title in English Intercultural Skills in Drama Translation. Center-Periphery Problems: Example of Quebec Joual


Year of publication 2015
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

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Description In the translational practice, the cultural situation of a country is not only in the form of regional studies reflected. The independence of cultural spaces based on their mutual relations, which often determine not only the literary event, but also affect the literary language, especially their position. From this point we face the problems of relations between the center and the periphery, namely the cas of deperipherization, when periphery turns into cultural center. The insight into this issue is as important as for teaching in the field of translational activities for the translational practice. We take for example the case of French-Canadian and Quebec literature and its relationship with the French literature. Our presentation is divided into three parts. In the first part, we explain the main features of the relationship between the center and the periphery in the literature and culture and draw attention to the consequences arising out of the literary events and for the position of the language. In the second part we will follow the development dynamics of the linguistic norm and the literary language in Quebec French-Canadian, and indeed the example of deperipherization of what was initially a peripheric space. The conclusions are then applied in the didactics of translation strategies in the case of a drama text, namely Sainte Carmen de la Main (1976) by Michel Tremblay.
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