Eschatologie v díle Jana Husa

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Title in English Eschatology in the Work of Jan Hus


Year of publication 2015
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Arts

Description The paper deals with the question of what the significance of the last matters and eschatology was for Hus and what role they played within his work. The author solves this topic from the perspective of Latin medievistics, namely on the basis of the analysis of the content, linguistics, and literary and historical background. The work studies in detail selected Hus's sermons (Confirmate corda vestra, Diliges Dominum Deum, State succincti, Dixit Martha and Spiritum nolite extinguere) and Hus's correspondence; nevertheless, it also takes into consideration his other relevant works. Moreover, works of other authors that influenced Hus's eschatological thinking (namely Milíč from Kroměříž, Matěj from Janov and John Wyclif) are taken into account. By employing this approach, the author presents a considerable part of early reformation eschatology along with Hus´s eschatology.
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