Mongolsko a Čína objektivem Lumíra Jisla: vzácný fotografický archiv z let 1957-1963

Title in English Mongolia and China by Lens of Lumír Jisl: Rare Photography Archive from the years of 1957 to 1963


Year of publication 2015
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Historická fotografie
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Field History
Keywords Mongolia; China; Lumír Jisl; Photography Archive; 1957 to 1963
Description The text deals with a rare photography archive of Lumír Jisl dates from the years of 1957 to 1969: from his very first moments on Mongolian soil on August 5, 1967, until June 4, 1969, he spent a total of one half year in Mongolia and five months in China. His archive of photographs, negatives, slides and index cards, as well as his other writings concerning his activities in Inner Asia, is noteworthy in several aspects. The main characteristic of Jisl´s photographic archive is its broad range of representation, its precision, and its thoroughness. During his trips undertaken for the purposes of archaeological research, Jisl photographed about 250 rolls of colour (Orwo) and black-and-white film; altogether approximately 700 colour negatives and 1600 black-and-white negatives have been preserved. The photographs from China are not integrated into the archive in the form of index card notations calibrated to the pertaining negatives; it includes, however, negatives that are cut into strips containing six frames each and inserted into simple hand-made archival envelopes indicating the locations of each shot. Colour and black-and-white negatives are arranged separately. Jisl´s classifications of his photographs from China have not been preserved. It can nonetheless be stated that the photographic archive of Lumír Jisl is truly unique both in terms of its content and its archival methodology. The photographs from Mongolia are described in great detail, and it may be assumed that Jisl´s is indeed the most outstanding Czechoslovak collection from the mid-twentieth century. In view of the fact that the first "hard-currency tourists" who photographed using colour film (and they surely were not travelling from Czechoslovakia) began visiting Mongolia only in 1964, Jisl´s colour images from the years 1957-1963 are truly of extraordinary value, both as artistic and documentary artefacts.
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