Zlatý lev a strieborná ľalia nad vlnami. Anglicko-francúzske zápolenie na mori počas storočnej vojny

Title in English Golden Lion and Silver Fleur-du-lys over waves. English-French naval Struggle during Hundred Year's War


Year of publication 2015
Type Popularization text
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description In this article the author describes and summarizes the main features of the Anglo-French naval struggle during Hundred Year's War. Naval warfare is usually left out from traditional narration of this conflict, although it was one of the decisive factors influencing the land operations. At the beginning of this conflict it was the French navy that was more powerful, but it lost its predominace because of the defeat at battle of Sluis. Hegemony over waves was thus won by the English and it lasted over next few decades when the French with the aid of Castilia started to challenge it again. They were able to reach a limited success at the end of the 14th Century, but English managed to retain the initiative and regain their superiority. Hundred Year's War brought about real advancement in the construction of ships, the use of gun powder artillery, and also the organization of navies and fleets was significantly improved.

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