Persuasion strategies in environmental discourse from a Translation-Studies and comparative perspective



Year of publication 2015
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

Description The paper focusses on first-language and translated environmental discourse, namely environmental literature targeting broader readerships, as a promising ground for examining the dynamic of persuasion strategies and their translational modifications in a genre of discourse whose current contours have been established relatively recently. In the pool of environmental literature available in Czech, translations from other languages (English foremost among them), governed by the imported norms for appealing to the reader and presenting arguments, mingle with ananalogical strain of texts of domestic origin, embedded in the Czech tradition of popular science and non-fiction. The paper maps the persuasion strategies in this genre in English and Czech in preparation for answering the question: Have the boom of the genre in English and the continuing importation of is canonical works influenced the persuasion strategies regarded as appropriate and relevant in Czech? How?
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