Václav II. Král na stříbrném trůnu 1283-1305

Title in English Wenceslas the Second. The King on a Silver Throne 1283-1305

JAN Libor

Year of publication 2015
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Wenceslas II. prior to the last Přemyslid on the royal throne, and undoubtedly the most successful ruler of this dynasty. He inherited from his father Bohemia and Moravia, which were in the feudal relationship to the Roman German Empire during his short life (1271-1305), however, won the title of Duke of Krakow and later the Polish king, feudal relationship strapped some Silesian principalities and ruled for several years a large part of Meissen including a significant Freiberg. His son promoted in profit Hungarian crown, although the project was ultimately successful. Introduced a new valuable coin, Czech groat, minted in Europe where the richest deposits of silver ore in Kutná Hora. Unprecedentedly strengthened the prestige of the Czech kingdom and his title, was king knight, a supporter of courtly culture and středohornoněmeckého poetry; the most representative event was without doubt the coronation of the Czech King Pentecost 1297th. The author follows in the first part of the life of the young monarch in political history of Central Europe, and corrects a series of stereotypical views of older historiography.
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