Zwischen Wüste und Welt: die Konstruktion des Raumes in den byzantinischen erbaulichen Erzählungen

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Title in English Between the Desert and the Secular World: Contruction of Space in Byzantine Edifying Stories


Year of publication 2015
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Byzantinische Zeitschrift
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Field Mass media, audiovision
Keywords Byzantine edifying stories; space; heterotopia
Description This paper focuses on the construction of space in five collections of Byzantine edifying stories (Historia monachorum in Aegypto, Daniel Sketiotes' Dossier, Ioannes Moschos' Pratum spirituale, both collections of Anastasios Sinaites,and the tales by Paulos of Monembasia). While in the earlier collections the opposition between monastic and secular environments (the "desert" and the "city" or "village") is the determining element for the construction of space, other dimensions are important in the later collections: the setting of the story as a space full of wonders in the stories of Anastasios Sinaites and the combination of the everyday and the adventurous in the collection by Paul of Monembasia. Finally, I discuss the symbolic function of space as a "heterotopia" on the example of the function of the grave and the ship in selected stories.
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