Mezi organizovanou systematičností a každodenní tvůrčí anarchií: Improvizace jako způsob zvládání nejistoty

Title in English Between organised orderlines and the ordinary creative anarchy: Improvisation as a way of managing uncertainty


Year of publication 2016
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

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Description An improvisation as one of the forms of contemporary dance works with unpredictability on many levels. It uses its creative potential to discover new approaches and forms, it also contains unpredictability as a kind of challenge to be handled, because unpredictability, uncertainty and surprise are integral aspects of improvisation as well as something which attracts dancers to do the improvisation. Moreover, uncertainty and unpredictability are also a part of an organisational management of dance projects. Each of these forms of uncertainty is handled with the use of slightly different tools, as the ethnographic data from my project “Searching for order in the movement” has revealed so far. Within this project, I studied how the dance performance based exclusively on improvisation (improvisation as the process of creation as well as the final stage result) was created. The realization of the project covered 6 months of the systematic work full of planning, experimenting, evaluating the results, and creating a solid base for further creation process. It is more than ironic that my work on this project encountered another unpredictability in the form of lengthy health problems. In my presentation I will analyse in detail ways of handling unpredictability as pragmatic strategies of handling problems using variety of tools: from rational planning, through learning not fully secure but time-tested procedures, to experimentation. I would like to show what is the role of blending of the instrumental rationality, estimations, intuition, magic, and belief, while solving unpredictable problems and uncertain situations.
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