Počátky urbanizace a vznik měst v Itálii

Title in English The Beginnings of Urbanization and the Emergence of Cities in Italy


Year of publication 2016
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description At the turn of the first millennium BC., at the end of the Bronze Age and early Iron Age, occurs to a key change in the settlement system in ancient Italy. Scattered villages-pastoral settlements in the early Iron Age changed and formed proto-urban settlement cores that gradually further urbanized and hierarchized. To have long been known and fairly explored cities in Etruria was recently added the knowledge "peripheral" regions of Umbria and southeastern Italy. Each region is unique and urbanization in it are unevenly. This may be due to their different degree of "civilization", but also natural conditions and different historical development. How then proceeded urbanization and the emergence of cities in non Etrurian and non Greek Italy? And is there some impetus from the outside? On this phenomenon (urbanization and the emergence of cities) on the basis of the available literature and data from archaeological excavations I will focus in this contribution. I will describe the different phases of urbanization pre-urban society through a period of abrupt changes associated with the generation proto-urban center, to the final creation of urban systematization and towns themselves. Geographically i will focus on the key area of Latium (Rome) and other territories Italics ie., for example, Umbrians and Samnites who have a different process of urbanization. Ultimately, these urbanization processes lead to formation of primary urban centers in the Italic areas, one of which finally will take a control over the entire Mediterranean, with many older urban civilizations (Greece, Middle East) and will give at least the western part of its urban model for the next 2500 years.
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