Diplomatické poznámky k vydání tolerančního "patentu" na Moravě

Title in English Diplomatic notes for publication of the tolerance “patent” in Moravia


Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Alis volat propriis
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Field History
Keywords Edict of tolerance; Moravia; diplomatics; Joseph IInd
Description The article deals with circumstances of the declaration of the tolerance policy of Joseph II. (called the tolerance patent) in Moravia. It follows the timing of the official process and also the types of documents that were used in its context. Unlike Bohemia the tolerance principles were published immediately in Moravia. They were published in both lands languages (Czech and German) used in documents called curkular (not patent). Same type of document was chosen by guberniums of the other countries of Cislethania only in the Upper Austria the form of patent was chosen. It was published by the local Supreme land governing office, not by the Viennese court. The tolerance principles were reported from the court by the lands rescript.
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