Kim Čong-il uvádí : Učitelka Čchö, režisér Sin a bonviván Kim

Title in English A Kim Jong-il Production : Teacher Choi, Director Shin and Bon Vivant Kim


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Faculty of Arts

Description A review of Czech edition of the book A Kim Jing-il Production (2015) written by Paul Fischer, which is focused on circumstances of the famous kidnapping of a couple of South Korean filmmakers Shin Sang-Ok and Choi Eun-Hee in North Korea. The article corrects, based on personal memories, the rumor about a great success of their film Emissary of No Return in Karlovy Vary Film Festival 1984. The award that the film received there, was not the Best Director award, but a special prize of the general director of the festival, the thirtieth position in the hierarchy of awards of this 24th edition of the international film festival.
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