Posuny v recepci Vladimira Solovjova v českém a slovenském prostředí

Title in English Shifts in Reception of Vladimir Solovyov in Czech and Slovak Environment


Year of publication 2017
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description This lecture introduces to evolution of reception of V. S. Solovyov in czech and slovak, or czechoslovak environment. Since the first reflections (beginning of 20th century) till today there were shifts in research of Solovyov´s works, which were symptomatic for evolution of czech philosophical thoughs and also culture. We can observe two phenomenons: 1) Shift of interest from practical philosophy, which was dominant in czech philosophy for a long time, to theoretical one. 2) Shift in interest from philosophy in general to other disciplines or "overlaps" (theology, mysticism, aesthetics, art, sophiology etc.) The first phenomenon we explain by increasing globalization, the second one by questing of values, which are lacked in our environment in result of persistence of significant degree of secularization.