Spor o patronátní právo kostela v Kynšperku nad Ohří na přelomu 13. a 14. století. Diplomatická analýza listin v kontextu církevní správy pražského biskupství

Title in English A Dispute over a Patronage Rights of the Church in Kynšperk nad Ohří on the turn of 13th and 14th Centuries. A Diplomatic Analysis of the Documents in the Context of the Ecclesiastical Administration of the Prague Diocese


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Description More than twenty years of controversy over the patronage of the church of Virgin Mary in Kynšperk nad Ohří which flared up in the early ninetees of he 13th Century between the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star and the Cistersian Monastery in Waldsassen is very well documented by a number of diplomatic sources. These documents allow us to look not only into the legal nature, course, and resolution of the dispute, but they also give an opportunity to analyze their origins, even in the context of other diplomatic material of that time. The second half of the 13th century is in the spirit of the consolidation of the ecclesiastical administration of the Prague bishopric and the related qualitative (a well as quantitative) transformation of the diplomatic material. The documents originating (not only) in the diplomatic milieu of the Prague bishops are fundamentally transformed at this time by the influence of the Roman and canonical law as well as by other factors (eg. form collections); not only their content but also the formal (diplomatic) analysis can contribute to an understanding of the means and the way in which the documents were produced and thus to better comprehentin of the mechanisms of the church administration in the particular period. The presented paper, on the example of the dispute over patronage law of the church in Kynšperk nad Ohří, attempts to reflect on the question of how diplomatic material related to the application of patronage rights arises, how it is influenced by the law, the administrative environment of the Prague Diocese in the second half of the 13th century, and, at the same time, how the documents themselves serve as a tool for applying the episcopal administration at that time.
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