Por encima de lo nacional. Poetas y políticas del fin de siglo en la antología de Gerardo Diego

Title in English Above the National. Poets and Politics at the End of the Century in the Anthology of Gerardo Diego


Year of publication 2017
Type Chapter of a book
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description This work explores the traces of political commitment in the poetry from the end of the XIXth century, up to the avantgard (this excluded) in the anthology of poets prepared by G. Diego, "Contemporary Spanish poetry" (1901-1934, reissue of 1959). To explore this area of literary history - the era of Modernistas, Noventayochistas and Novecentistas - the author proposes to distinguish between "poetics of commitment" - with open political allusions and / or affiliation to ideological projects - and the sporadic appearance of the political in the poems. Its presence is analyzed in some examples of the cited anthology and it is concluded that it is embedded in the aestheticization of elements of identity politics (as in other anthologies); it is commented, as an example, the "Ode to the Glories of Don Juan de Austria" (1914), by Tomás Morales. From a review (1949) written by Tovar from the book by Salinas (1948) on Darío, the author discusses why the question of Panhispanism and the inclusion of Modernistas, Noventayochistas and Novecentistas in the anthology.
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