Imaginace protektorátu. Protektorátní Čechy v exilových románech F. C. Weiskopfa a Ludwiga Windera

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Title in English Imagining the Protectorate. Exile Novels Set in Bohemia by F. C. Weiskopf and L. Winder


Year of publication 2017
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Education

Description In the chapter, two novels by German authors from Bohemia are discussed that were written in exile and deal with the contemporary situation in the Protectorate (Weiskopf: Himmelfahrtskommando, Winder: Die Pflicht). The conclusion of the analysis is that the image of Bohemia changes radically compared to older works of the same authors on Bohemian/Czechslovak topics - the Protectorate novels are more strongly 'ecumenical' regarding a common ideological basis and trying to appeal more to whoever may participate in anti-nazi efforts.