Marcel Gauchet, Odkouzlení světa. Dějiny náboženství jako věci veřejné (Le Désenchantement du monde. Une histoire politique de la religion), překlad

Title in English Marcel Gauchet, The Disenchantment of the World. A Political History of Religion, translation


Year of publication 2004
Description Marcel Gauchet has launched one of the most ambitious and controversial works of speculative history recently to appear, based on the contention that Christianity is "the religion of the end of religion." In The Disenchantment of the World, Gauchet reinterprets the development of the modern west, with all its political and psychological complexities, in terms of mankind's changing relation to religion. He views Western history as a movement away from religious society, beginning with prophetic Judaism, gaining tremendous momentum in Christianity, and eventually leading to the rise of the political state.

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