Het Tsjechisch Nederlands in de oren van de Nederlandse en Vlaamse moedertaalsprekers

Title in English Czech Dutch in the Ears of Dutch and Flemish Native Speakers


Year of publication 2018
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description In the dissertation The contrastive description of the standard pronunciation of Dutch and Czech from the perspective of the Czech speaker of Dutch I discuss the comparative description of the pronunciation systems of the Dutch and Czech languages. I do this by comparing the articulatory settings of both European varieties of Standard Dutch with Czech and furthermore a comparative description is given of the sound systems of Dutch and Czech. On the basis of the comparison, I then draw up a detailed overview of problematic sounds for Czech speakers, which I then evaluate on the basis of a number of test sentences spoken by Czech test subjects. I then have a small corpus recordings evaluated by a Dutch and a Flemish native speaker. The evaluations varied greatly. In my further research, I would therefore like to examine how the native speakers of both varieties of the Netherlands in Europe perceive the Czech pronunciation and what applies to them as a "good" and understandable statement. I would also like to investigate the difference between the evaluation of errors and deviations from the Czech pronunciation of Dutch among Dutch and Flemish native speakers and their position against the norm.
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