Proč se memetika nepovedla? "Historická hypotéza"

Title in English Why memetics failed? "Historical hypothesis"


Year of publication 2018
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description In the 1970s, there appeared several contributions to today's rather extensive concept of Darwinian evolution of culture. The first was the memetics, the so-called dual inheritance theory (DIT) crystallized from the others. These, at first glance, similar theories, however, have a different fate. While memetics is already a dead project, the DIT has achieved quite a success. The aim of this presentation will be, based on comparison between the development of these theories, answer the question, why it is. I will show that the memetics, with its strong and simple thesis resulted from the genocentric evolutionary model, presented a project with such considerable prejudice against the concept of replication that it committed researchers to so-called "search for memes". Mathematical models from which TDD originated have enabled the theory to work flexibly and systematically on both theoretical and empirical levels.
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