Formirovanije vzaimnych obrazov i mežkuľturnych stereotipov russkich i čechov v uslovijach sovremennoj neoficiaľnoj internet-kommunikacii

Title in English Formation of Mutual Images and Intercultural Stereotypes of Russians and Czechs in the Conditions of Modern Unofficial Internet Communication


Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Česká slavistika 2018
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords ethnocultural stereotypes; Russian-Czech relationships; mass-media; internet comments; discourse analysis
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Description The report focuses on the identifying and understanding of reciprocal ethnocultural stereotypes that are common in Russian and Czech cultural environments and on the analyses of the mechanism to enhance or, on the contrary, to destroy them in the communication World Wide Web environment both from indirect (media) and personal experience. Socially oriented discourse analysis will be carried out on the speech material gained from the internet discussion forums and from the comments on mass media texts with socio-political context, as well as from public portals and websites of individuals with personal experience of learning about other ethnic groups’ everyday life and culture. The purpose of the study is to establish to what extend rational on the one hand and irrational, emotional attitudes caused by the influence of cultural and ethnic prejudice and stereotypes on the other come into play in this particular, specific type of Russian-Czech intercultural communication and to show that in the modern situation, sometimes referred as to the information warfare, modern mass media plays more the role of driving force to strengthen the negative ethnic heterostereotypes that are often inconsistent with the reality and the personal experience of the representatives of both ethnic groups.
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