Generativita a stagnace u lidí ve střední dospělosti v souvislosti s charakteristikami rodiny původu

Title in English Generativity and stagnation in middle adults in the relation to characteristics of family of origin

MILLOVÁ Katarína

Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Sociální procesy a osobnost 2017. Sborník příspěvků.
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords generativity; stagnation; family of origin; longitudinal research
Description The aim of the research was to examine the relationship between generativity, stagnation and characteristics of family of origin (parental SES, parent-child relationship and family type). We proceeded from McAdams and de St. Aubin´s model of generativity and Bradley´s model of stagnation and own family typology (harmonious, average, disharmonic, and incomplete family). Participants (N=77; 52-54 years; 33 men) are part of Brno Longitudinal Study and completed battery of questionnaires measuring stagnation (BSS), generative concern (LGS) and action (GBC). Characteristics of family of origin were examined during their childhood and adulthood: parental SES (education and occupation) and type of the family (10 years); parent-child relationship (15 years), and retrospective parent-child interaction (47-49 years). People from harmonious families achieved significantly higher levels of generativity and lower levels of stagnation. Participants with higher educated mothers achieved higher levels of generative action. In the area of parent-child interaction we found significant negative relationship only between stagnation and retrospective assessed parental involvement.

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