Komenského metafyzika jako metafyzika trinitární?

Title in English Metaphysics of Comenius as a trinitarian metaphysics?


Year of publication 2018
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Throughout the 20th century, many researchers have highlighted the trinitarian character of Comenius thinking. Also, the introductory study of the new Czech edition of Comenius metaphysical writings speaks of "the trinitarian pansophical metaphysics of John Amos Comenius." In the light of the renewal of the Catholic and Protestant trinitarian theology and its philosophical implications, this emphasis seems to be more important than ever: Does not the metaphysics of Comenius provide a corrective to the modern metaphysical thinking that either directly lost sight of the connection between the mystery of the Trinity and the structure of the created reality (the so-called Trinitätsvergessenheit) or reductively rationalized this connection? In order to open the way to a systematic examination of this issue, we will try to briefly clarify both the historical and systematic view of the term "trinitarian metaphysics" as such, and to determine whether and in what sense it could be predicated upon the metaphysics of Comenius.
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