Drobné revoluce : streetartové umění v kulisách každodennosti

Title in English Minor Revolutions : street art and everyday aesthetics

KRAJTL Ondřej LEE Lenka

Year of publication 2018
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description A number of essayists and theorists of the art and culture imply we are living in a period of a certain lethargy in which there is an invisible barrier shaping cultural production, organisation of work as well as our thinking and actions, which is hard to overcome. According to Brian Holmes, such a situation (of art in arrested democracies) produces aesthetics of crisis, reflecting the processes of social change and heralding a paradigmatic shift. In this context, the works of TIMO, a street artist from Brno, can be understood as capturing of these processes. On the selected and preserved examples of ephemeral TIMO’s works, we can observe how the author accomplishes to create a certain atmosphere, a set of images, rhythmical sequences or conflicts and hopes, in which, by turning to radicality, he provides new opportunities for dialogue as a movement to the other. Hence the minor street art attempts at a dialogue can become a political revolution against the background of everydayness.
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