Evangelium podle Pullmana

Title in English Gospel According to Pullman


Year of publication 2018
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

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Description Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (1995—2000) trilogy offers a rather controversial view of the functions and practices of the Church. All the more so, Pullman's trilogy is more impressive because it is intentional reading for the Youth. In His books, the Church is the embodiment of the dark and fanatical institution that seeks to suppress all knowledge and common sense. And what about God? He lost all control of the world many years ago. There Even a weapon that can kill Him exists! The world which the plot takes place in is similar to ours in many ways – people live here, the same laws of physics apply here; the continents and oceans are in the same places (perhaps under different names). However, ancient magic is true in this world, and polar bears ascend the evolutionary chart much higher than any other person. What's more, all people have their animal companion – a daemon who accompanies them at every step and shares with them even the most innermost feelings. Pullman encounters the eternal problem of duality of soul and body. In his conception, the soul is capable of being outside the human body, but not completely separate. Also, the use of the word daemon is an interesting phenomenon indeed; the understanding of this term has changed greatly in Christian mythology (compared to its original meaning). The author returns to the oldest myths about the creation of the world, however, he creates his own myths at the same time. He updates some of biblical motifs; also he associates the Christian Sky with the pagan Underworld. He revives old prophecies about the end of the world and the arrival of the Savior. The only way to save mankind is to repeat the original Sin.
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