Role of perfectionism and parent-initiated motivational climate in overtraining syndrome in adolescent elite athletes



Year of publication 2018
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Arts

Description The overtraining of an athlete is affected not only by the training factors and overall physical load, but also by personality traits of the athlete. The perfectionism is considered to be a significant personality characteristic of an athlete's attitude towards sporting activity. Particularly during adolescence, athletes may be subject to the influence of the social environment, including parental influence. Parents' attitudes to sports, as well as their attitudes to achieving their own goals, influence how the athlete perceives his own success and failure. In particular, performance parent-initiated motivation may cause tension and anxiety, and is therefore considered a risk factor for overtraining syndrome. Harwood et al. (2015) demonstrated that the performance motivational climate encourages also the development of perfectionist tendencies among athletes. The aim of our study was to find out whether the relationship between the motivating parental climate and the athlete's overtraining can be mediated by the perfectionist tendencies of the athlete. These were measured by the Sport Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale 2 based on the 3-dimensional concept of perfectionism (socially conditioned perfectionism, self-oriented and other orientated perfectionism). The Profile of Mood States Questionnaire was used to measure the degree of negative affects associated with overtraining; the motivational climate was captured by the Parent-Initiated Motivational Climate Questionnaire (PIMCQ-2). The research sample consisted of 153 Czech athletes aged 14-19 (m=16.20; sd=2.07), with 24.8% females. Athletics (52%), tennis (29%), and swimming (19%) were sporting activities; an inclusive criterion for inclusion in the study was participation in national or international competitions. The regression analysis confirmed the PCP-Sport, DAA-Sport and Org-Sport perfectionist dimension as a mediator of the relationship between performance father-initiated motivational climate and overtraining of the athlete. The DAA-Sport was the only significant mediator for mother-initiated climate. Thus, fathers' approach to sports discipline may have a greater impact on athletes.
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