Skryté determinanty komunikace ve skupinové reflexi praxe u studentů učitelství

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Title in English Hidden determinants of communication in group reflection of practice


Year of publication 2017
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Education

Description If we considered reflection as a key part of teacher training (Korthagen & Vasalos, 2005), then it is necessary to pay attention not only reflection as a phenomena, but also topic of support of reflection, which is not given enough attention (Bolinger & Stanton, 2014). Therefore, it is important to deal resembles a group reflection. Form of group reflection of practice will be examined from perspective of non-linguistic social signals, such as tone of voice, speed of speech, etc. Non-linguistic social signals can be considered for hidden determinants of communication, because the signals unconsciously influence of process and outcome of social interaction (Pentland & Heibeck , 2008) and based on these signals we can predict e.g. productivity (Olguín & Pentland, 2010). "By paying careful attention to the pattern of signaling within a social network, we can harvest tacit knowledge that is spread across all of the individual members of the network" (Pentland & Heibeck, 2008, p. xii).