Ke vztahům mezi tradiční a živou anoikonymií

Title in English On relationships between traditional and living anoikonymy


Year of publication 2019
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Any anoikonymy contains both traditional names, many of which are getting out of use, and names that originated recently (living, i.e. currently in use). The aim of the contribution was to demonstrate their mutual relationships and on this basis to derive conditions any anoikonym must comply with to keep a stable position within the particular anoikonymy. The research proved that durability of each anoikonym depends on the way the named object is used in the outside world. If an object serves as an important point for orientation or if it is an object well known in its surroundings, with which the majority of inhabitants is in contact, the function of its name is to serve for orientation and remains in the living anoikonymy until the situation changes. The validity of these conclusions is of general character, being in accordance with current research of living toponymy.
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