Markdown 2.7.0: Towards lightweight markup in TeX

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Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source TUGboat
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Informatics

Keywords Markdown; Lua; LuaTeX; LaTeX; ConTeXt; TeX
Description Markdown is a lightweight markup language thatmakes it easy to write structurally simple documents. Existing tools for rendering markdown documents to PDF treat TeX as a black box. In contrast, the Markdown package provides support for styling and typesetting markdown documents in TeX, extending a TeXie's toolbox rather than forcing her to replace TeX with a more limited tool. Since its release in 2016, the package has received several important updates improving the functionality and user experience. In this article, I will reintroduce the package, and describe its new functionality and documentation.
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