Václav Bouček a geneze jeho návrhu československé ústavy.

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Title in English Václav Bouček and the genesis of his proposal of the Czechoslovak Constitution.

VOJÁČEK Ladislav

Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Právno-historické trendy a výhľady IV.
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Faculty of Law

Keywords the rise of Czechoslovakia; constitution; Václav Bouček; Revolutionary National Assembly
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Description The article is devoted to the unpublished proposal of the Czechoslovak constitution. Prepared by a member of the National Assembly, Václav Bouček, in March 1919. The proposal is radically democratic, socially tuned and consistently secular. The author concludes that the original form of the proposal arose before the establishment of the Czechoslovak state. draws its conclusion from the text of the proposal and from other circumstances.