Ryté umění ex libris. Drobná grafika ze sbírek kanovníka Vojtěcha Samce a děkana Josefa Šindara

Title in English Engraving art of ex libris. Small graphic art from the collections of canon Vojtěch Samec and dean Josef Šindar


Year of publication 2019
Type Exposition
Description The exhibition is a unique collection of small graphic arts from the inheritance of Vojtěch Samec, a canon from Mikulov, and Mons Josef Šindar, a dean from Tišnov. The original ex-libris (or bookplates) and occasional graphics were made for specific clients by prominent Czech and Slovak artists of the 20th century such as Oskar Fiala, Antonín Doležal, František Bílkovský, Michael Florian, Josef Weiser, Vojtěch Cinybulk, Jan Halla, Jiří Bouda, Zdeněk Bugáň and many others. Among the main motifs are The Cathedral of St Peter and Paul (nicknamed Petrov), musical instruments, natural, mainly animal motifs, sceneries and castles. Various printing techniques and original printing blocks are shown. You will learn about the art of bookplates, a technique of applied graphic art, but first of all you will learn about the remarkable life and hobby which bound those two friends and art enthusiasts.