Prezentace a zprostředkování uměleckého softwaru

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Title in English Presentation and mediation of artistic software


Year of publication 2019
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Education

Description The paper Presentation and mediation of artistic software explores the topic of artistic software in the context of gallery and education. To start with, the area of software art and questions of presentation of software art towards the recipient will be theoretically defined, and these theoretical approaches will be anchored in pedagogical and gallery practice. Our practical experience was based on the teaching of the students of the subject Software art taught in the field of Interactive Media Theory of the Faculty of Arts and a series of seminars realized at the Department of Art Education of the Faculty of Education. Students' own work was presented in a series of exhibitions focusing on software art history and creative code writing. Within these projects, we decided on three educational and curatorial strategies that we would like to present in the conference paper. In selected strategies we combine ways to present the work, modes to reflect it in the theory, and concepts of thinking about software art through its own creation. This paper aims to contribute to the discussion on how to present and convey software art in the gallery and how to teach it at the university.
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