Reflection of modern human in the contemporary existential prose of Czech writer Jan Balabán



Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference «Young Scientist»
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Faculty of Arts

Keywords Jan Balabán, Czech prose, Czech novel, post-communist literature.
Description In this work we will rather focus on the emerging area in the 21st century for the creation of new works in literature of the Slavic countries with a different theme and poetics that reflected the current social problems and life in the post-communist era. In this article, we generally deal with contemporary Czech authors, mainly post-communist times, their works, problems of their prose and their characters. But we prefer to engage in the work of Czech author Jan Balabán, because he stands out in the Czech literature for his short exploration, his unusual and at the same time simple characters, his impressive existential exploration. In view of his sensitive novels and the extraordinary features of the characters, we look into the world of his prose, reflection of the city in his novels and his characters.